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Keywords: Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality


In this current situation, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises become a government’s concern due to its purposes to absorb a labor force and its effort to increase the domestic revenue in order to pushing forward and develop the related area. These missions are in line with one of bjb’s Vision and Mission to support the rapid of domestic economic. As an actual report, there’re still many Micro Small and Medium Enterprises which didn’t have the access to available funding resources. From total 56,4 million Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia, only 30% can have their funding. From its percentage, only 76,1% can have a credit from bank and the rest of it had a credit from other funding resources. As a conclusion, about 70% from total Micro Small and Medium Enterprises cannot have their funding fulfilled ( This is a potential market for every funding resources, especially for banks that can support these funding to the customers. bjb shall have a role to support all Micro Small and Medium Enterprises regarding for any funding activities, especially with their products.

This research is using quantitative approach which have a purpose to define the relation between a service quality, customer satisfaction, and customers loyalties. The research population number are 324 debtors of KMU from a branch office of bjb in Bandung. This research performed by collecting 179 respondents with significant level 5%. The hypothesis testing shows that the Service Quality have a positive influence towards the Customer Satisfaction which also influence the Customer Loyalties. Simultaneously, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction would have a positive impact to Customer loyalties.


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